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Training & Consultancy

On-site, online, small group, customised training

At hypermouse, we approach training differently.

  • All work created should be built in such a way that inevitable last-minute alterations are easy.  
  • We focus on developing smarter, more efficient methods and techniques that professionals should use
  • Learn the best way first – we won’t waste your time teaching you the “beginner’s method”
  • We love keyboard shortcuts (Check out our free “Key Guide” pdfs)
  • We encourage that training should happen in small groups, ideally up to 3 people, but we can cater for groups of up to 5 or in some larger companies sessions with 7 people
  • With smaller groups, training time is focused on more specific goals
  • And there’s less pressure to “perform” in front of your peers
  • This also gives more opportunity to deal with individual issues
  • Sessions run between 1.5–2 hours
  • Enough to cover topics well, but not too long that you suffer from brain overload.
  • Ideally there is a gap of at least one day if multiple sessions are arranged.
  • We provide one-off, multiple or regular, ongoing sessions. 
  • We help you focus on the process
  • Learn the key steps needed to achieve your goals
  • Youtube solutions are often much more complex than they need to be
  • Hypermouse is happy to incorporate your pre-existing or active jobs work during your training sessions.
  • You’ll be taking the notes – you’ll remember things better if you do – this also allows for more customised sessions
  • Relevant topics discovered during the sessions will also be covered as questions and situations arise. 
  • Where appropriate, homework will also be set, giving trainees the opportunity to confirm their new skills
    • Hypermouse sessions are delivered on-site, where you work.
    • Current jobs can be addressed with in the session
    • This saves the hassle of taking you or your staff away from the normal routine for no more than two hours of actual training time
    • You learn on your own computers
    • That way application preferences can be checked and adjusted as needed
    • Any local problems you might have encountered with applications, hardware or system software can also be addressed as they arise
    • one-on-one sessions
    • remote access (where possible) allows for real-time solutions
    • Learn how to get the results you’re after.
    • Learn how to speed up how you do things.
    • Learn solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had.
    • Discover features who’ve been missing out on.
    • Training typically takes place around a single computer
    • This enables greater focus within the session
    • It helps avoid individual trainees wandering off-topic, or losing focus
      • Small group training is one fundamental part of the hypermouse approach to effective training
      • To encourage this approach – rates are calculated per session, not per person.
      • While we encourage a maximum of three attendees in each session, larger groups of 5 or 7 can be arranged

      At hypermouse, we like to ask the big questions.

      At hypermouse, where ever and whenever training is needed 

      – we are there for you, and all hypermouse sessions come with one year’s email and sms support.

      Contact Colin on 0410 669 098 to learn more.